Hardware Components and Build

Component List

The quadcopter I built used the following components:

  • 3DR APM 2.5 Flight Controller
  • 3DR GPS Receiver (optional addition to APM)
  • 3DR Power Module (came with APM 2.5)
  • Lipo 3S battery
  • XT60 connector with cables
  • ARRIS Mini Power Distribution Board
  • LHI 250mm Quadcopter Race Copter Frame Kit; came with:
    • 4x ESC (only one pictured)
    • 4x Motors (only one pictured)
    • Quadcopter frame
  • [Not Pictured]¬†SiK 915 MHz Radio Telemetry Kit



There is a wealth of information on the physical assembly of quadcopters, so I will just provide some comments I learned along the way and recommend an instructional video from Ready Set Drones which does an excellent job of showing the full build process.


Organized by Power Source

The following is a list of components organized by their power source which can be useful to understand when buying components. We’ll start with the battery at the highest level.

  • Battery¬†
    • A 3S LiPo battery is generally recommended
    • Pay attention to what connector type the battery uses, I had to cut and solder on a separate XT60 connector to match the other components I purchased.
  • Components powered directly from the Battery:
    • Power Distribution Board
      • This provides a useful board if you plan to power additional sensors or instruments (camera, rangefinder, etc.), however was not necessary for this build as another option could have been to use cable splitters for all the ESC’s
      • 4 ESC’s which are in turn connected to the 4 motors
    • Flight Controller (through the 3DR Power Module which came with the APM and regulates voltage)
    • Components powered directly from the APM Flight Controller:
      • GPS Receiver
      • SiK Telemetry Radio
      • RC Receiver [not included in my build]



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